SBC 2013 – Challenge No. 10: My Ten

There are, as you may not imagine, there are quite a few people that I would love to have the honor of meeting and chatting – rather, conversing – with from this generation’s past and present.
So, here are my 10 people:

  1. My dad’s grandmother: “What was life like, crossing into India after the *Partition?”
  2. My sister: “Why are you so annoying!?”
  3. Jay Leno: “Why on earth are you so weird?”
  4. Markus “Notch” Persson: “What is the secret to MINECRAFT’s success?”
  5. Richard Branson: “How many small companies are owned by the Virgin Group?”
  6. Steve Jobs: “How was it, being CEO of such a large and influential company?”
  7. W. James McNerney: “What ruined the 787 Dreamliner’s battery?
  8. Pittacus Lore: “**Where on Earth are you?”
  9. Anyone who works in the architectural/aeronautical engineering field: “How much do you earn on a daily basis?”
  10. Abraham Lincoln: “Why were you so mean to the confederate states?”
*The partition refers to the separation of India and Pakistan after Indian independence from England.
**Who got my pun on the Lorien Legacies, right!?

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