Commenting Guidlines…

I, like any other blogger, love comments. Now, just because I love comments, doesn’t mean that I will allow any sort of comment, ’cause I will delete them.
From the grammar to the lines, I have rules. Here are my most important rules for commenting on my blog:

  1. No Twitter* language (e.g. i luv yr blg. plz cm vzt mn.)
  2. Please no comments below two sentences!
  3. I read all my comments thoroughly, so please make them meaningful.
  4. If you are a first – time commentator, please note that your comment will take at least 24-48 hrs. (1-2 days), as I will have to moderate it, and am not on my blog every day with things to do.
  5. Any rude or insulting comments will be immediately deleted.
  6. I know that every comment has the potential of becoming a friendly conversation, and I, to this minute of blogging, relish the day it first happened to me. For this reason, appropriate and ‘on topic’ conversations will be encouraged.
  7. Please, criticize me, but in a positive way. I know that this may seem a little redundant from before, but I’m really picky
  8. Have Fun!


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